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JULY 25th, Full-Day Workshop

BOLD University

"Dominate Your Competition"

This full-day workshop is designed for business owners, executives & entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge over their competition. Learn elite strategies from world-class business experts including Growth Strategy, Leadership Development, Marketing Tactics and Elite Performance Psychology to create a playbook you can use to Dominate Your Competition.


WHEN:     Thursday, July 25th 
WHERE:   55 Broad Street, 15th Floor - NYC 10004




  • Full-Day Access to Workshop, 9AM-5PM
  • BOLD Notebook & Pen



  • Full-Day Access to Workshop, 9AM-5PM
  • Exclusive VIP Seating
  • Executive Lunch with Speakers Offsite 
  • Private VIP Networking Party in NYC (hint: #imonaboat) 6PM+
  • BOLD Notebook & Pen
  • BOLD Swag Bag





  • The Psychological Foundations of Marketing & Competition - Lessons from World Champions.
  • Dominate Your Competition by Building a World-Class Team - How to Assess, Plan & Manage Human Capital.
  • The Ultimate Leadership Process  - Insights from Selling 28 Businesses.
  • Execution Under Pressure - The Navy SEAL Mindset in Business & Performance.
  • Create Stories & Marketing that Sells - What You Can Learn & Apply from Billion Dollar Success Stories.
  • FOUR Critical Mistakes that derail your leadership, team, and growth.



Brian Cristiano, Self-Made Entrepreneur & CEO of BOLD Worldwide

Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Elite Sports Psychologist & Founder of the Mindside

Chad Metcalf, Former Navy SEAL, Professional Golfer in the PGA Tour

Amilya Antonetti, Human Behavior Expert, Coach, Television Host, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

Martin Reichenthal, Entrepreneur & Investor who has sold 28 Businesses


Matt White, Executive at Culture Index & Human Capital Expert






What is BOLD University?

It is NOT just another business workshop or seminar full of keynotes.
It is NOT about motivational speakers - yet these experts will change your perspective and have you ready to dominate in business and life.
It is NOT about teaching business theory or 101 marketing tactics - yet these 5 Principles will help you increase all key areas of your business and marketing where it matters most.

BOLD University Gives You Access to World-Class Business Professionals and Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Faster.

Most companies struggle with one or more of the following:

  • Slow growth 
  • Uncertainty around what (strategy or tactic) to implement first
  • Lots of ideas/opportunities but a lack of resource or time to accomplish them

These are symptoms of a much greater problem that is sometimes hard to see (that's the challenge), but easy to fix (with the right solution). You need two things:

1) Access to real professionals that have been in your shoes before, have seen it all and can say "This is what you need to do."

2) A Strategy and Playbook that will show you how to focus on the tactics that will have the biggest impact, simplify your process, let you execute on your best opportunities, and exponentially speed up your growth. 

This is why we created BOLD University. To give you access to world-class business professionals in a full-day workshop environment where you get to actually see the Strategies, Principles, and Tools they have used to create massively successful companies and brands.


**Seats are limited


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