1-Day In-Person Business Analysis & Roadmap Session w/ Brian Cristiano

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If you truly want to unlock the growth of your business then you need an expert to give you guidance 1:1. It's so easy for us to get lost in our own businesses. It's easy for us to lose sight of what's really possible. That's why you need to go through a structured analysis of your company and dive into a true roadmap session.

Who better to do that than BOLDCEO himself?

This process is normally exclusive for large brands and the normal 2-4 day process costs $25k minimum and upwards of $100k+

But, because you are a BOLD Accelerator member you get a full-day with Brian Cristiano and the actual process that's helped grow BOLD Worldwide and other major brands at a price no one else will ever get. Ever!

Our structured analysis and roadmap process to grow your business fast includes:

1. A full-day assessment & consulting at your offices during a real business day.
2. You would choose the top 3 areas you need us to assess & get guidance on.
3. You would get Brian Cristiano in-person for the entire day to focus on those 3 key areas & any other area of your business.
4. Upon completion of the full-day assessment in your offices, we would deliver you your unique assessment & roadmap to help you grow.
Aside from the incredible process, think about how much value you will get just by having Brian in your office for an entire day. And as you know, he will give you his insights and answers to any and all questions you have.

**LIMITED to 5 Companies**

***Because we need to account for Brian's schedule and time, this deal Ends May 31st.***

1. The price is $7,500 + travel expenses.
2. We also offer up a payment plan - Two Payments of $3,900 + travel expenses. If you prefer the payment plan option click here. 

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